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Goman Creek Culvert Extension

With the introduction of the Autonomous Haul System (AHS) at FMG’s Cloudbreak Mine, the road trains delivering bulk fuel to the Norfolk and Kangaroo Mining areas needed a new route to eliminate any interaction with the AHS fleet.

The Goman Creek route was chosen but the vertical grades were too steep for the road trains to navigate. To make this route functional, TCD were engaged by FMG to extend the existing two-barrel DN3300 corrugated steel pipe culvert at the Cloudbreak Mine Site, and import 16,000ccm of material to lift the level of the road and ensure the vertical grade was suitable for road train usage.

The project was a success with travel times to the Norfolk and Kangaroo Mining Areas now greatly reduced, and no interaction with the AHS fleet.





Pilbara, WA

Project Duration

3 Months

Project Start

April 2019

Project Finish

June 2019

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